Monday, November 23, 2009

Gotta love the weekends

ok after a few day break, im back.

So this weekend was a fun one, we pulled galley duty friday after lunch through sunday. We as a group our accomplishing our tasks very well and our inspections on the galley and in our barracks went well but i can definetley tell some people are totally getting tired of each other. (who wouldnt when you get up at 4 and you dont stop working until 9:45 that night?) haha

I think we as a group have a while yet untill we hit that "wall" where we have a big melt down and then everyone pulls together again. but i totally can feel the warning signs. I think this 17 days of galle duty will bring it out, hopefuly sooner then later because the sooner as we get our problems out the faster can get over it.

WE did have a stroke of freeking luck though, the night commandant aka the guy who does our night inspections is on a 10 day vacation. Which means piney point is on a 10 day vacaction. Our night inspections are done by other cadets. Granted those cadets got the right to inspect us by brown nosing, but they still will be a lot easier to deal with.

Ok so the run down for this week, today the chief bosun (brown noser) decided that we should prime and paint our barracks so were working on that for the next 2 nights. Infact we finished for today and it smells soo rediculous in there right now. haha. Our first class, vessel familiarization is finishing up and we'll get our coastguard test for it friday. If we fail it, we get one shot to retake it and if we fail that, we fly home. So after that for thanks giving it sounds like well be working the galley even thought its not our duty, the new guys get the worst jobs all the time. (only 3 more weeks till the new bottom guys on the scrotum poll arrive.) not that im counting it down or anything.

Tonight i have watch from 12-2 on the 6th floor which is good because that's 2 hours of uninterrupted study time. The lack of sleep is totally hurting all of us though. Working and studying with 4-6 1/2 hours of sleep of night is pretty tough. What i hear from the third phasers is that when you get on a ship, its a cake walk compared to what we do on a regular basis. So thats somthing to positive about.

Also, I heard from one of the instructors last friday he knew a guy who was an AB unlimited sailor that was making 10,800 a month working on a tugboat for Crowley maritime going from jacksonville to puerto rico and back. Doing 28 days on 28 days off and making that kind of money would be pretty sweet. It actually wouldnt be hard at all to reach that point either, just a couple years work.

Any ways, thats enough for now, ill post again as soon as possible

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