Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have internet!

Ok I was able to get a 3g card and now i have internet at the paul center. So after a week off lets get down to business.

First off, this place is amazing (if your a worker). If your lazy, you wont make it through the program. The basic way it works is Piney point takes a new class every month of unlicensed apprentices. Over the next 11 months they stick about 45,000 dollars in each and every person in education, room, and board at no cost or obligation to the sailor. While the economy for shipping has slowed down some, it has faired stronger and better then many more industrties out there and they still garuntee jobs upon graduation. I believe it too, this vocational school is the best of its kind in the world. They take average civillians, and mold them into disiplined sailors. We all had our head shaved the first night, We have uniforms we all wear, we sleep in a barracks that gets inspected twice a day and it has to be perfect, i mean perfect. Like the end sheets of our beds must be folded at a 45 degree angle. O yea, and we march every where we go too. Thats just the basics too, our daily routines our demanding.

We have to get up at 5:30 in the morning if were lucky and depending on what phase your in, and we start our days by eating chow then fallng in for call off. Then we march to our classes and learn, at night we clean our barracks and get inspected by the night commandant. All the other UA's (unlicensed apprentices) have warned us about this guy. He inspects rooms at night and he is like an ex marine drill sargaent. He basically is paid to make our lives harder. And when we mess up, we get detail, (cleaning is detail).

Now that im in phase one, on the weekends i get up at 4 to work the galley untill about 8:45 at night, with 2 one hour breaks in between. Theres inspections for galley cleaning too. haha. It never ends with inspections.

haha i forgot about watch too. We have watch duty's here at piney point going on all night. I have 2 watch dutys this week at this point (the schedule changes all the time), Both at 2-4 am which is so convienent. Not. haha, but its just part of the program.

Oyea privlages are another thing. Our barracks is located on the 5th floor, we have elevators, but we dont have privelages. We wont have the privelage of using the elevator untill a month from now. Also, we cant watch the television in the mess hall,( we have to face away from it) We cant go anywear with out everyone else in the group coming. So for example, if a guy in your barracks has to smoke, down the 5 floors and out to the dock for him to light up, all of us. Theres rec rooms a work out facility and more but I wont get privelages for any of that for another month.

Right now I'm in hell month, which is actually 5 weeks where we dont get any days off or the ability to sleep in. after the first month are lives get easier untill some one messes up and we lose the privelages. (that happens alot)

So if your wondering while i actually like this place its because Job placement is garunteed and pay if fantastic. Plus i get to go all over the world for free while im at the school. Everything is totally worth it, and i reccomend it to anyone except for the fact that they are no longer accepting applications due to a huge flood of people wanting to be here for obvious reasons.

Anyways, my break is over, ill blog again soon with some pictures.

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