Friday, December 4, 2009

One more week

Like the title said, only one more week of galley. Thank God. haha. Actually, it isnt that bad anymore, our class is good, real good. I guess were the only class so far this year that hasnt had a trainee written up there first month. Thats impressive. And it shows, the night commadant enjoys inspecting our barracks now.

Allright, its been a while since I've thrown up a post, so ill give you guys a run down whats been going on. Thanksgiving kicked ass, we got the entire day off. That pretty much never happens for first monthers but 726 (two classes before us) are full of screw ups so the day commadant decided to give us a break. Needless to say, 726 hates our guts. But its ok, they will be gone off to sea next week anyways.

Now that were on to the second month, we can pick up extra jobs for extra pay. ( we get 20 dollars a week to be here, 16 cents an hour. haha) So, Im going to pick up color guard. Briefly, I raise up and bring down the floor every day. But its alot more than that. SIU is very patriotic, and its a big deal. Every foot step is rehearsed and if you mess up, Kiss any free time you once had good bye. But you get some cool benefits. I dont have to march with my group any more, I get to walk behind them when they march. I get to wear khaki's every day and to look good infront of the higher ups. And when it comes down to getting shipped out, it makes a difference.

Monday the new class comes in (729). And boy are we ready for them. We'll start training them in the galley thursday and they'll replace us. Thank god. then we start detail month. Detail month is a whole new animal. First month is all about breaking you down and see if you can handle working hard with some one bearing down your ass the whole time. They want to weed out the lazy people. Second month is about giving you some more freedom, and see how you handle it. You have detail 3 times a day, morning, lunch and dinner. It isnt nearly as hard as first month, but its a test, they want to see if you still work hard and dont skip your detail when they arent there on your ass. And if you do skip out, theyll know. Thats the thing about this place. Your Always being watched. haha.

Anyways, thats whats going down at the paull hall center for now. Take it easy guys. Ill throw another post a little sooner this time.

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