Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Introduction

Thanks for stopping by my blog. If your not sure what this is all about, I'll give you a rundown. So in 8 days I'm moving off to Pineypoint, Maryland to attend the Paul Hall's Unlicensed Apprentice Program. In english, Im going to a Union School to become a Sailor (non-military). The Pau hall center is a military style set up school with rules, uniforms, and the whole nine yards. Ill be living in a baracks with other guys and will be learning all about Seafaring. School Doesnt actually start till November 9th, but since my everyday life now is revolving more and more around getting prepared, I figured why not make the blog now.

I'm making a blog to write down my adventures and experiences to be had through this school and to share it with family, friends, and anybody else who finds it interesting. Due to popular demand with my friends about keeping them posted,I figured this would be a productive way of keeping in touch with everybody while I am away because I will not be able to leave the academy at any point for recreational activities. I wont be traveling off the base for around for approximately 3 months, then Ill be moving to stage 2 of my program and be headed off to sea as an apprentice and working on ship some where in the world. What Ill be pulling out of the school (besides the adventures) will be an Able Body seaman rating (standard joeblow rating) and a garunteed job on a vessel somewhere. I want to use this experience to see if i like what im doing and if i possibly want to make a career out of it. This whole program should take about a year.

O yea, considering that Im not sure how well you know me, im just going to lay it out there. Im John Ingold, an 18 year high school grad coming from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Most of my friends (excluding my girlfriend kayla, who goes to school in town), have moved off to college somewhere and being from the midwest I really dont have any maritime expierence or family members with some either. Unless you call wakeboarding as seafaring time. Im just looking for a proffitable adventure and possibly a career. Once at the academy I hope im able to post about every other day depending on whats going on.

Thats enough for now, Ill post on later.